• April 19, 2020

Most common interview questions and best answers | 7 Major Types of Interviews

Hello, Friends as you know that giving a interview is not a cup of cake, so we have to hardly…

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50 Most Common Interview Questions

25 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Wish to know (or use) a few of the most common interview questions and solutions? Here is a complete checklist,…

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किस वंश के संस्थापक कौन थे ?

किस वंश के संस्थापक कौन है? नामक इस। अध्याय में हम सभी। Q.1 हर्यक वंश के संस्थापक कौन थे? बिम्बिसार…

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Tricky questions & answers

Tricky questions & answers 👇👇 . (1) हॉकी से सम्बंधित कप एवं ट्रॉफियाँ:- RD BARMAN R:-रंगास्वामी कप D:-ध्यानचंद ट्रॉफी B:-बेगम…

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